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Meet the New Generation of Sports Writing

Warren Lent: Warren Lent writes for and is one of the Co-Founders of Generation Y Sports. In about 36 hours, he was able to collect some of the greatest writers out there to join this site. Warren will be the Head of the College Football department as well as Soccer. Contact him at: with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Lucas Shapiro: Lucas Shapiro writes for Dime Magazine, New England Recruiting Report, and is one of the co-founders of Generation Y Sports. Lucas will be doing most of his writing in the NBA, College Basketball, and NFL sections of the site. Contact him at: with any questions, comments or concerns. 

Garrett Tucker is from a small town in North Alabama, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. He will be a junior this up-coming year and still plays basketball for his high school team. He'd love to go to college and play, but he knows the reality of being able to be a college athlete, so he decided to try to do his best to stay around not only basketball, but sports in general for his life.

That's where journalism comes in. Garrett has been writing for sometime now and he has decided he loves it. He will bring you various interviews and articles on some of the country's finest talent in the high school, college, and NBA basketball.

He also writes for Real Sports Net and Bleacher Report.

Follow Garrett on Twitter @GTuckersports

Jonah Puls is from a very small town in Northwestern Illinois. Next year, he will be a freshman in high school.

Sports are his life. He plays baseball, basketball, and his favorite sport is football. So, from the experiences he has in sports comes his enthusiasm to write about them. He is a senior College Football writer on Generation Y Sports.

He is a writer for Real Sports Net, FanVsFan, and ChiCitySports. You can contact him at

Zach Herring: Zach writes for the NBA portion of Generation Y Sports. This is his first time writing for a website. He lives in a small town in Wisconsin. He is a huge Brandon Jennings fan. His favorite NBA teams are the Bucks and Thunder.
Follow him on Twitter @3jenningsfan3
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