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Golden Years Ahead for USA?

By Wes Mills

The Milk Cup: Reasons US Soccer has a Bright Future
Now you maybe saying to yourself, "I've heard this a million times," or some other annoyed response but I'm telling you right now what I saw out there in Northern Ireland was something that US Soccer hasn't seen since the turn of the century. It's clear that US Soccer has a "Golden Era" with this crop of US U-20 internationals. The Yanks played 3 games in Northern Ireland playing China, Denmark, and the host Northern Ireland and winning them all, and taking the title. In Europe, the Milk Cup is a very prestigious youth football tournament where youth National, and Club teams try to make their mark in the foggy weather of Northern Ireland.
Now to the players. Unlike the 2009 U-20 World Cup squad which featured lots of college players, this squad had many Latin players from prestigious clubs in Europe as well as Central America. One player who stood out was Omar Salgado a 16 year old, 6 foot 4, Kaka look alike. Who scored the game winner against China and really reminded me of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Barcelona superstar. Salgado just dropped out of the Chivas de Guadalajara youth system and decided to play for the USA U-20s (which violates Chivas' Mexican only policy). Which is a story no one saw coming. Salgado will be available for MLS teams in the SuperDraft next season. Another player who stood out was Adrian Ruelas who was a former Mexican youth product now playing with Santos Laguna in Mexico. He scored two goals against Denmark as well as scoring a fantastic goal against Northern Ireland in the title game. At the back, captain Gale Agbossoumonde who just signed with Portuguese giant Sporting Braga was a rock in central defense. Of course the goalkeeping was superb with Zac MacMath making some fantastic reaction saves. MacMath has been linked to a possible move to Everton. And finally Juan Agudelo, the New York Red Bulls academy player scored a GOLAZO in the final that had every USA fan watching going wild.
In conclusion, with the stars from the U-17 World Cup like Luis Gil (linked with Arsenal, compared to Cesc Fabregas), Jack McInerney, and Sebastian Lletget (West Ham United Academy player) this U-20 team could easily make a run for the U-20 World Cup as well as be a force for the senior national team. The future is bright for US Soccer, and no I don't see any Freddy Adu's coming out of this squad.

BREAKING: Rafa Marquez Released from Barca Contract, To beSigned by NY Red Bulls

By Warren Lent

After about a month of speculation, it seems as if Rafa Marquez may finally going to don a New York Red Bulls kit heading into the second half of the MLS season. Marquez is being released from a 5 years, $25 million contract with Barcelona and could possibly be playing with former teammate Thierry Henry if Marquez makes it to New York.

Great signing for a Red Bulls team making a huge splash in the DP market if they sign. Marquez will solidify a backline while Henry continues to generate towards the opposing goal.

Cesc Fabregas: Barca at Heart, Arsenal at Hand

By Warren Lent

This is the turning point of Cesc Fabregas' career. The love and passion he has for his hometown team is easily seen. The responsibility and respect he owes Arsene Wenger and Arsenal as a whole is what will keep him in London. Cesc is no longer a kid. He knows what he has to do for Arsenal, and what he wants to do for Barcelona. Until proven otherwise by the top of either Barcelona or Arsenal, I think Andre Iniesta's comments will ring true.

Cesc (Fabregas) wants to be with us, but he told me how close the Arsenal fans are to his heart"

My respect for Fabregas just skyrocketed. He could hone the personality of "On top of the World, World Cup Champion" but instead, he understands that in the grand scheme of things, it is necessary to deliver for those Arsenal fans longing for about five years for another shot at some silverware. The 23 year old Fabregas has grown in front of our eyes within these last few months. As LeBron James once said "In the end, this is a business"

Granted, that was in a completely different circumstance. LeBron was leaving, Cesc is staying. Lebron's contract was up, Cesc still has five years.

If I am a betting man, I would say that Cesc Fabregas heads to Camp Nou next season. I would have absolutely no problem with that. Cesc, you are what is right with football right now.

Manchester United 5, MLS All-Stars 2: Why?

By Warren Lent

Well maybe this was a bad idea. In Houston, Texas tonight was a game between the MLS all-stars and Manchester United. Although the game was between the “B” squad of Manchester United, the tired All-Stars were no match for some of the best young talent the world has to offer. So many excuses could be brought to attention on why MLS did not by an adequate brand of soccer tonight, but credit must be given where it is due. Chicharito (Javier Hernandez) and many other young stars played the beautiful game to perfection. Now that the accolades for Man U are out of the way, here are just some of the excuses why the MLS all-stars couldn’t stack up.


2) Lack of Preparation: The chemistry on the team was nearly non existent on the back end, and that was exposed as quickly as the twenty-third second in the match. These players, although talented, play AGAINST each other through out the year, not along side each other. Five goals aren’t scored with communication on defense.


1)      Fatigue: Less than 24 hours of time has gone by before all-stars on the LA Galaxy were back on the pitch and playing once again. After being defeated by the Puerto Rico Islanders 4-1 in the first leg of a CONCACAF Champions League qualifying round, Landon Donovan and others made their way to another time zone, and another round of sprinting across a wide field. Fatigue had to play a factor at one point in time during this game, and it most likely wasn’t coming from the side dressed in red and black.


Maradona is Out

By Warren Lent


It’s disappointing, it really is. A player of such amazing caliber like Maradona may not be found for a very long time in the world of Soccer. Some may like Wayne Rooney, others may like Christiano Ronaldo, but the truth of the matter is neither of those players was able to carry a team on their back like El Diego had. Stubbornness ended up being the end of Diego Maradona, as the Argentine Football Federation made it clear that they would only allow Maradona back if he would fire one of his close assistants, Ajelandro Mancuso. He quickly refused such a notion and official word of Maradona’s dismissal came through the wire today. Could Maradona’s next stop be coaching a club team? I really doubt it. The future holds a great amount of uncertainty for one of the greatest footballers of all time.

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